From scientists to journalists to non-profit leaders, beef is all over the news.


Here are a few recent articles highlighting the connection between beef and climate.

Studies Show Link Between Red Meat and Climate Change (Climate Central)

For Earth Day, Report Has News To Ease A Meat-Lover’s Conscience (NPR)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron urge people to eat less meat (The Guardian)

We Need to Eat Less Meat. Should the Government Step In? (Washington Post, In Theory)

Sustainable Diets: What You Need to Know in 12 Charts (World Resource Institute)

Animal Agriculture’s Impact on Climate Change (Climate Nexus)

Can eating less meat help reduce climate change? (BBC)

Eating Beef Is Harmful For The Environment, Tells United Nations Environment Program (International Business Times) 

Raising Beef Uses Ten Times More Resources Than Poultry, Dairy, Eggs or Pork  (Smithsonian)

Meat-eaters may speed worldwide species extinction, study warns (Science Magazine) 


Scientists are using data to link livestock production to environmental harm.

G. Eshel, A. Shepon, T. Makov, and R. Milo. (2015). Partitioning United States' feed consumption among livestock categories for improved environmental cost assessments. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 153 (03): 432-445. Doi: 10.1017/S0021859614000690

G. Eshel, A. Shepon, T. Makov, and R. Milo. (2015). Land, irrigation water, greenhouse gas, and reactive nitrogen burdens of meat, eggs, and dairy production in the United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 11 (33): 11996-12001. Doi: 10.1073/pnas.1402183111.


Research organizations are also diving into the link between beef and climate change.

World Resource Institute, Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food Future

Chatham House, Changing Climates, Changing Diets

Food and Agriculture Organization, Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock

Wild Aid, 5 To Do Today: Eating for Tomorrow: How China's Food Choices Can Help Mitigate Climate Change